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Why this & why now?

Digi Couture derived from a creative Sunday morning on which I reflected on my strengths, my passions and most importantly also my profession.


I am Digi.

A digital native, that is obviously into all things digital, being it digital transformation, digital products and its development or in general the digital work place.​


My last name is Couture.

In terms of digital transformation, working culture and all things related to organisational development, I strongly believe that individual solutions and approaches are the goal-getter. And what metaphor represents individuality more than a nicely tailored outfit which is shown of by a character itself?

Let's run this digital show and see where it takes us together!​


Digital Transformation

I've been part of digital transformation processes in medium sized companies and big corporations, hence knowing what it feels like to be left out in this process and observing what it can do to organisations.

Innovation Management

I've been in charge of driving innovation funnels and defining organisational setups to support innovation.

Digital Transformation

I've been trying to shape digital transformation processes and make them an inclusive process, fighting to keep everyone involved

People Experience

I've been and still am trying to inspire great talents while navigating myself through the challenges of new work and the digital workplace.

Project Management

I've run and am still running projects to launch new digital products or services within b2b

Product Roadmaps

I've been in charge of product visions and roadmaps - from PoCs, minimum viable products to launches.

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