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Coaching as a Way to Navigate Through Digital Transformation

First Coaching weeks have gone by so fast, and I literally had no time for couching. Most interesting observation made was the harmonic circle of Coaching and Digital Transformation existing and which I dearly want to explore further.

The first weeks of my coaching seminar, on-site as well as remotely, run by so fast. Luckily, I never felt the urge to rather sit on the couch than attending my classes, or going to work. I am captivated by all things coaching and this, for me, is an undefinable blessing. Something that you strive for and can relate and draw lines to within the most different aspects of your life and interests.

One major learning from my first weeks of seminars is definitely the scientific evidence of something most of us know already, very presently or in the back of our minds. Each and everyone is building their own truths based on experiences, their community and everything else that they are observing, absorbing from living day in and day out (The term and theory of constructivism will get you closer to one of the principles of coaching). To excelerate within the coaching process, following is of central significance:

Each and everyone of us sees their own reality, a reality made up from an individual perspective.

  • Hence, noone will truly, deeply and fully understand their opposite and the world they are living in.

  • Hence, the coachee (the one being coached) is always the expert in their own world, their challenges and their problems.

The Deal with Constructivism and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, obviously accompanied by change, uncertainty, learning, can lead individuals to leave or lose their comfort zone, their nests and their safe heavens. These changes are observed in such different ways by individuals so that each and everyone is also navigating differently through the transformation process. Some will see it as a lever to reach new heights, some on the other hand may see it as a major threat.

For me, this circle of rapid changes we are passengers of and the most unique way we do see our reality, let me to a bold thought and statement: Even though we are in a constant and rapid change mode as individuals, organisation or society as a whole, let us slow down and take the time.

The time for what exactly?

  • take the necessary time and patience to open the individual perspectives on the truth of digital transformation.

  • each and everyone's constructed truth can be positively, negatively, or even neutrally impacted in any possible way.

Aiming towards excelling within and coming out on top of a transformation process, such as the prevailing, it is beneficial to practice patience and grant yourself and others the time. The time to go through the attempt to understand the employee's reality and especially allow them to better understand their own individual reality within the digital transformation.

Later can be supported or achieved by engaging in coaching processes, not only as managers, also as employees that may face challenges, hick ups or the vision of greater potentials for themselves within the new world of all things digital.

So, let's tackle this coaching journey - and dive deeper into the discovered and potentially still undiscovered potentials of the codependent circle of coaching and Digital transformation.



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