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My Journey - Coaching, not Couching!

Why am I starting now and more importantly how am I starting?

Couching is out and what I mean is: Sitting at home on your couch and letting the world and all its rapid changes pass you by.

I felt the urge to do something new and get my feet, my brain and my thoughts into action. Broadening my perspective and diving into a subject that I am sure I was already implicitly practicing, but confident enough to say that I have not reached my utmost potential for myself and my surrounding so far.


While leading a team or even within projects, it becomes more and more important for me to understand my relationship with the environment I am acting in. Knowing what I am expecting from a leadership team, I definitely want to meet these expectations for myself as well.

For me, and surely for others in the workplace as well, leadership is turning into more of a coaching scenario, in which individual development paths, strengths and their potentials for individuals and organisations are playing an essential role. This whole process comes along with great responsibility and I am up for it.

I want to evolve,

  • being an even better sparring partner in the future

  • having tools and techniques on hand to be the coach I'd like to envision to have as well

  • seeing where this journey will lead me, both professionally and personally


I applied for a one year long program called Systematisches Coaching - each of the two semester will start with a three-day onsite training and continues with almost weekly remote sessions.

The journey is around the corner. The kick-off onsite takes place next week and I cannot wait to meet the remaining participants of this year's program. We'll have an exciting ride in front of us!

I'll be sharing my personal "Coaching, Not Couching" journey here - so stay tuned.



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