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Hello World - It's Digi!

The leap vs the head

My head was wrapped around the idea of sharing my thoughts and my perspective on all things digital for quite some time now. It never worked out, not because of ridiculous circumstances that prevented me from taking the leap, but my head telling me not do. My head, at least pretending to be my partner in crime, questioned the predicted outcome of my efforts in getting started and committing to this idea.

Wondering who would actually be interested in my perspective and my take on the digital world, I reassured myself that among 7.91 billion people (two third of them with internet access) will be at least one person to be captivated of what I have to say. Today, I know that this is totally true:

Everyone's perspective is a perspective to value. In this world of no limits everyone is someone's employee, customer, stakeholder, colleague or friend.
  • It's on us to listen to their voices to understand them, their needs, desires and their perspective.

  • It's the only way to coexist and contribute to contentment, satisfaction, joy and evolving the present

  • It's the basis for creating new ideas and innovation

So, here I am - Digi Couture.

I am a digital native and eager to understand organisations, transformations and the ongoing journey of becoming digital. See more here.

  • I've been part of digital transformation processes in rather smaller and also big companies, hence knowing what it feels like to be left out in this process and observing what it can do to organisations.

  • I've been trying to shape digital transformation processes and make them an inclusive process, fighting to keep everyone involved

  • I've run and am still running projects to launch new digital products or services within b2b

  • I've been in charge of product roadmaps and visions and defined minimum viable products

  • I've been and still am trying to inspire great talents while navigating through the challenges of new work and the digital workplace

Trust me - it's a sexy perspective and one that not only exists in my universe, but without doubt in employees, customers, stakeholders, colleagues or friends somewhere. Don't forget everyone is someone's.

This is the start of something great and I'll promise it's not gonna be the end.



Hi, it's Digi - let's be digital!

I am passionate about all things digitalisation. I am happy that you are here and joining in on my digital rollercoaster perspective.

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